Educational Tools

Community Assessment Form downloaded here.

Our Community Assessment Form is a useful tool for communities to use in assessing their strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly important for struggling communities that are looking to facilitate a community visioning process or to  evaluate what opportunities or challenges to economic development they are facing.


 DVD – “Are We Safe From Fire? Protecting Idaho Communities”

Idaho has an award winning educational video to bring the concept of defensible space “home.” “Are We Safe From Fire? Protecting Idaho Communities” shows how to protect property from wildfires. The video includes gripping testimony from residents of the Deer Creek Subdivision, whose homes were threatened by the ‘Poe Cabin Fire’ during the summer of 2007.   Homes that had been prepared with hazardous fuels reduction/defensible space survived the fire even though fire behavior was extreme.

The video was produced by us, Framing Our Community, a non-profit group based in Elk City. Other partners involved included the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Idaho Department of Lands, Nez Perce Tribe, Clearwater Resource Conservation and Development Council, Idaho Fire Chiefs Association, and Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security.

The video can be downloaded here. To obtain a copy of the DVD, contact Ellen Bartlett at Framing Our Community: email – or you can call (208) 842-2939. A $5.00 shipping and handling fee will be charged for DVD’s that are mailed.

“Are We Safe From Fire? Protecting Idaho Communities” won the 2009 Firewise Leadership Award.

To view the DVD using Windows Media Player, click HERE.