The Clearwater Basin Collaborative (CBC)


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“Collaborative problem solving is most successful
when parties agree that their major interests have
been heard and considered meaningfully, that other
                                                                                    participants have made every effort to address
                                                                                    their interests in any final recommendations, and
                                                                                    that the final recommendations accurately
                                                                                    characterize any outstanding differences.”


On May 29, 2008, after years of conflict regarding the management of national forests in north-central Idaho, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo convened a diverse group of individuals and challenged them to collaborate to find solutions to divisive natural resource issues. Since its inception CBC members have worked on a multitude of projects and issues with the Forest Service. In May 2013 the Collaborative developed a long-term “Agreement and Work Plan” that articulates their intent to address specific issues through administrative and legislative actions over time.

Our areas of work are:  Forest Management – CBC supports a long term, science based restoration program; Rural Economics – CBC supports providing for a more stable economic system within the Clearwater Basin; Wilderness – CBC supports designating certain areas as Wilderness, Wild & Scenic Rivers and Special Places; Recreation – The Clearwater Basin has enormous recreation values locally, regionally, and nationally.  Programs include the Selway Bitterroot Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project, a unique partnership with the US Forest Service; Clearwater Basin Youth Conservation Corps (CBYCC), introducing our next generation of land stewards to natural resource careers by completing projects on National Forest, Army Corps of Engineers, and Bureau of Land Management lands; the Restoration Action Strategy, and the Wildlife Habitat Research project.

 FOC’s executive director has held a seat at the table since May, 2008, is a member of the CBC ‘s Steering Committee, co-chairs the Rural Economies Sub-committee, and sits on the CFLRP Monitoring Advisory Committee. FOC developed and piloted the CBYCC program in 2013 and continues as Program Manager.

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Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC)

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RVCC is comprised of western rural and local, regional, and national organizations that have joined together to promote balanced conservation-based approaches to the ecological and economic problems facing the West.