Elk City Small Business Incubator

The Elk City Small Business Incubator is dedicated to promoting the utilization of small diameter, diseased and character wood in the production of quality value-added wholesale and retail products.  In 2001, FOC conducted a business-feasibility study to determine if the small-diameter softwood timber that was going to waste in the forests could become a profit center for the community.  Importantly, we wanted to utilize any infrastructure that was already in place, and grow it from there, utilizing businesses and workers that were established.   The following are photos of  FOC’s Small Business Incubator and Elk City Wood Products custom mill, a tenant in the Small Business Incubator.


FOC’s goals in starting the Small Business Incubator were:

•  Create an opportunity for year round employment that pays a living wage and offers a safe work environment
•  Advocate for businesses and individuals who derive income from wood products
•  Utilize small diameter wood from the National Forests, that when removed, improves the health of the forest
•  Promote an economic boost to other local businesses
•  Support the long-term sustainability of Elk City by acting as an economic development tool of the community
•  Promote partnering and collaboration among businesses, regional and national organizations and federal agencies.

This incubator is expected to generate millions of dollars for the region annually, restore the health of our forest, and make FOC self sufficient within five years, a true Win-Win situation.  Our value-added wood program begins with a sort yard, where the best use and highest value can be determined for harvested raw materials.  The lowest valued materials are processed for firewood bundles and chips for biomass cogeneration.  From chips, we move up the scale to house and lathe logs and utilize the best quality wood for the manufacture of value-added products.

Supported and constructed with funding from: Committed partners for the Incubator are the Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho County, Sterling Savings Bank, Avista Utility Corporation, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Weyerhauser Family Foundation, Inland Northwest Community Foundation, Steele-Reese Foundation as well as local organizations and businesses.

Are you Interested in Joining Our Incubator?

Who Do We Serve:

•  Manufacturers of quality value-added wood products (i.e. timber framers, flooring, paneling, novelty items, custom doors and windows)
•  Artists and Craftspeople
•  Custom mill operators
•  Anyone who adds value to small diameter and character wood
•  Wood Biomass products (i.e. biodiesel, geo-thermal power)
•  Anyone with a great idea

Services and Benefits offered at the EC Small Business Incubator:

•  Modern facility with low cost manufacturing space
•  Marketing and promotion of locally produced products and services
•  Have the ability to conduct E-commerce
•  Receive information & training in business development and management
•  Connect to brokers and training in product marketing
•  Develop and promote brand awareness for locally produced products & services
•  Membership in the Sustainable Northwest “Healthy Forest, Healthy Communities Partnership”
•  Receive financial assistance to attend trade shows
•  Access to financial services; business and marketing plan development and feasibility studies
•  Entrepreneurial, business development and management courses
•  Access to in-house services:
-bookkeeping services
-marketing services
-access to financial services (i.e. business plan development)

If you would like to request more information about potentially joining our incubator, please refer to our contact information located on our website.